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[SHOT 2018] High Threat Concealment’s New Belt System and Double Stacked Mag Carriers

In today’s episode, we follow Miles to Shot Show 2018 to the High Threat Concealment booth.

High Threat Concealment offers some great options for concealing mission essential equipment for contractors, military, and government agencies operating in nonpermissive environments. This year HTC brings the Crux belt, a new, thinner, lighter, and stronger version of their battle belt with new laser cut Cordura laminate. Another improvement is a 3 piece stiffener in the battle belt for easier storage. Next, we see the new mag stacker system, designed to offer more ammunition while still maintaining a concealed package. The stacker system is modular to allow for the user to pick from a variety of magazine types depending on their individual needs.

Chase brings us the APS holster line designed for overt carry, specifically a drop leg application. The APS is designed to attach with the current systems such as Gcode, Safariland, Bladetech, and Blackhawk.

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