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Womenue Fashion

Rago 821 Waist Cincher/Nipper Review

Here is a breakdown of the video:

Fit – shaping, comparison to without and a corset
Use – Vintage and everyday wear
Materials – Contents, construction, wear
Issues – Bumps, folds, low cut jeans
Price – $32-$42
Recommend? Yes! It’s good for gentle shaping, especially on tubular figures. It is not recommended for waist training or for figures that already have an hourglass shape (over 10″ between waist/hip). Also, don’t try wearing one through airport security! Bad idea! 😛

Sorry if this is a little “tl:dr.” Also, I apologize for the poor quality. I’m still using my first digital camera from when I was a teenager, so the quality is about 10 years obsolete!

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I wasn’t paid by anyone to do this review. It’s 100% my opinion and what works for me may not work for you.