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How To Put On A Waist Trainer (The right way)

See all the tips and tricks for how to wear the waist trainer the right way

If you want to see step by step, go to this blog

You can purchase the waist trainer here:
Curve Sculpting Latex Waist Trainer

Model is wearing size S Curve Sculpting waist trainer

Curves Sculpting has revolutionized the waist trainer with a design that moulds perfectly to the body. Made from a super comfortable latex with a cotton lining, the waist trainer will flatten the stomach, while accentuating your waist, hips and bust.

Made out of natural latex, so it hugs to your body, and the inside is made with cotton so it’s soft on the skin. The waist trainer I’ve created, its shaped curves at the top, so it doesn’t push your bust up so high, and it’s designed to also covers the top and bottom pouch on your tummy. #winning



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Curve Sculpting is a trusted Australia brand. Selling the world-renowned popular waist trainer and shapewears.

Due to the high demand for this brand in Australia for renowned design, it made sense to give clients the opportunity to purchase the waist trainer and shapewears from an AU country with confidence and the comforting knowledge that the product will be delivered quickly and efficiently.

What’s more, is that we deliver FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

Curve Sculpting will be renowned for our service to you. Ensuring customer focus service. And a secured website for payments.