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Harrington Jacket Review Baracuta G9 : Is It Worth It?

Find out what we think of the Baracuta G9 Harrington Jacket: https://gentl.mn/baracuta-g9-harrington-jacket

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So other than famous people wearing it, what exactly makes it so special?

It simply is a waist long jacket that is quite fitted and has a pleasing silhouette. It comes in many different materials but the classic is a cotton poly blend which is 50% cotton 50% polyester. It’s meant to be water resistant and weather resistant and therefore, it’s not as soft to the touch as the inside which is 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Baracuta sells the g9 jacket in a range of options including suede leather, regular leather, camouflage, and teddy bear fabric. Sometimes you can also find them in tweed but frankly, the classic jacket is always the poly cotton blend which is what we’re reviewing here today. The classic g9 generally has a solid outside color even though you can find it with patterns and stuff like camouflage these days.

On the inside, you usually find a plaid or a tartan out of green, red, blue, and white which is also known as a Fraser tartan. It feels quite soft, breathable, and comfortable just like the cotton ribs on the end of the sleeves and the waist. When you walk, you can hear your arms rubbing a bit on the shell but it’s by no means as loud as the Canada Goose jacket

The classic g9 version features angled side pockets with a flap and a button closure, the more modern interpretations have snap buttons. The size I’m wearing in the video is a 42 which is pretty much true to size. It really isn’t too big such like a Barbour Beaufort. I was positively surprised by the length of the sleeves in a size 42 which is much better than on all the Barbour waxed jackets we reviewed. Just like the iconic Burberry trench coat or the Barbour waxed jackets, the Baracuta g9 features a Raglan sleeve because it is better to let the water roll off. The front zipper is a double metal zipper from YKK and it works quite well.

Modern Baracuta g9 jackets are made of a shell fabric called Coolmax which is supposed to be very breathable and also water repellent. Today, the jackets are made in England but that wasn’t always the case. There was a time it was outsourced to Asia and other countries but they brought it back to England for good measure. Looking at the seams, they all have a very high stitch density, they’re straight and sewn very close to the edge so the workmanship, overall, is very good.

Overall, the garment feels very well made even though the YKK zippers are not the best ones on the market. Baracuta also pays attention to details, for example, if you look at the buttons, you can see the engraving Baracuta g9 and 1937 which was the year it was designed.

So now the big question, is the Baracuta g9 Harrington jacket worth it?
While $390 are not a bargain for a casual jacket that you will mostly wear during spring or fall season, I still think there is a place for it in your wardrobe.

First of all, it comes in a really large range of colors but it also has a very pleasing slim modern cut, even though it was designed in 1937, Frankly, before I bought one, I didn’t anticipate liking it as much as I do now. Of course, the fact that James Dean and Steve McQueen wore it is certainly not detracting from it. At the same time, I’m more focused on the materials themselves and I’m really pleased with the length of the sleeves which is often something I find challenging because I have above-average long arms.

So in conclusion, I think the Baracuta g9 Harrington jacket is worth its money even at the retail price level for almost any man out there interested in classic men’s clothing and even more casual clothing because it is a more casual jacket.