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Corsets and Waist Training | THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE YOU START! (Full updated version!)

PLEASE READ: This is the FULL version of this video. I totally didn’t realize this video cut off halfway through the first time! All fixed now. Thank you for everyone who notified me about this! xo

Hello my ghouls!

What is waist training / tightlacing?
What does waist training mean, really?
Who can and can’t waist train?
Is waist training harmful?
The importance of doing your own research and talking to a doctor
Corsets and waist training in the media, and common myths debunked
Can you exercise in a corset?

In upcoming videos:
How to measure yourself for a corset
How to know if the corset you have/want is an appropriate waist training corset
How to select the right kind of corset for you
Where to buy a proper corset for waist training (reputable brands and brands to avoid)
How to lace yourself into a corset and how to remove a corset
Importance of seasoning your corset
Tips for daily life in corsets
My waist training story, how I got started, when I saw results, and all the details of my journey

And so so much more! This is just the beginning and I wanted to get this video out of the way before jumping into the fun stuff.

Thanks for watching!

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