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Corset 101: How to tuck your lower stomach into your corset for a smooth silhouette | Orchard Corset

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A huge shoutout to our dear friend Lucy’s Corsetry for her original video that helps so many! Watch Lucy’s video, here (and be sure to subscribe to her if you haven’t already): https://youtu.be/40rjz-rGtS0

Read Lucy’s full blog post, here: https://lucycorsetry.com/2012/11/03/preventing-your-belly-from-oozing-out-your-corset/

Follow along as our customer service manager Teighlor shows you her tricks and tips to smooth our your lower belly while wearing a corset. When we cinch in our waist our soft tissue will be distributed up and down into the corset. For some folks, that tissue will come out the bottom of the corset and create a bulge. How to achieve this look is one of our our most frequently asked questions! Teighlor chose to show this technique with one of our shortest corset styles to demonstrate that even in a short corset, there are ways to get the lower belly support that a long corset can offer. Be sure to drop any comments you have below, we always answer your questions!

Teighlor is wearing the Lace Hourglass Curve Underbust Waspie Corset CS-201: http://bit.ly/2HLnR4o

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