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15 MIN INNER THIGH WORKOUT // Toned & Tightened Legs | Sanne Vloet

15 Minute INNER THIGH WORKOUT For Long & Slim Legs // Sanne Vloet + Sami Clark

Hey guys,

If you’ve worked out more than twice a week since the new year started comment a sign. So how is wellness month going for you so far? I have another workout video ready for you guys with my friend Sami, who I know you guys have seen before! Since having a good balance between exercising and diet is key i wanted to make sure I shared another fitness video for everyone to follow along. Once I’m in LA maybe I can invite a few of you girls to do a workout with Sami and me?

I try to always share workouts with no equipment or small hand-weights and bands for added resistance. All of these exercises can be done without bands so just follow along as Sami and I train the parts of our legs that are hard to tone. You will feel it and if it gets too easy you can always add a stronger band to really righten up your legs! I’ve been doing this workout and pvolve all month so tell me what you guys think and we can film more workouts for you guys once I’m settled in LA.

Good news! My sim card is in so i’ll be reaching out to a few of you on IG to share my number. Don’t worry I’m going to share my cell with everyone on Monday, but I just want to make sure I can handle all the messages first by slowly opening up my number to you guys.

Let me know if you’d rather I use the Community App. I heard Gary V talking about text on his podcast, but I thought sharing my actual number would be more fun.

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