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10 MIN SLIMMER WAIST & TONED BELLY/ slow, intense , effective with great result // Silvi Sitek

These exercises I do often because the first thing where I gain weight is my waist , that’s why I workout obliques often and these exercises are what they really works for me and I see changes and you will see it too. 🙂
My TIP for you is to keep your arms and core very strong when you have to keep the body on the elbows or in plank and tight your core during the workout and breath slow. If you cant performer some of these exercises then you can change to that what you are comfortable with , just don’t stop 🙂

30 min is exercise and 10 minutes a break , where the next exercise is shown. You can try it, or just watch and relax and then go on with me. If you practice this video several times you can start exercise right away during the 10 min of break. In 30 seconds try to exercise according to me but at the same time you can actually make an exercise out of it by going slower or faster or you will change the exercise to easier according to yourself, but please just don’t stop.You will be able to find free workout plans on my Instagram channel @mywayhealthy. They gonna be saved in highlight on IG

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Disclaimer ;
Before you start playing sports or exercising with me in these classes, you should know everything about your health. By performing any unattended fitness exercises, here in this video, you are exercising at your own risk.